phoo and the far tones

another chapter of a continuing endeavor

01 The Frozen South craven/swinson
02 Follow Me Down craven/swinson
03 Peace Over Pain craven/swinson
04 You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette fripp/hall
05 Love Lost and Found craven/swinson
06 Dust the RoadØ craven/swinson

bonus tracks: just for fun covers from the far tones vault

07 Crybaby  basic tracks recorded 2017 powell/rundgren/sulton/wilcox
08 Breaking the Law  basic tracks recorded 2018 halford/downing/tipton
09 I Can See For Miles  basic tracks recorded 2006 townshend
10 Mammon (2023 remix)  originally released 2018Δ rundgren

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phoo drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, production
jim swinson vocals, guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboards
buck rassmussen ⊕ guitars
sean carmichael ⊗ guitars, bass (mammon only)
jake swinson Ø guitar
jon byrd Δ vocals
I Can See For Miles sean carmichael guitars and phoo drums recorded in 2006
Mammon originally recorded in 2018 and released on noo phoo doo in 2020
drums rerecorded 2023
The Kitchen
cover art eclipse of the thought, by kelly franklin craven, © 2023
all fartones songs © 2023 Craven/Swinson
You Burn Me Up I'm A Cigarette Robert Fripp and Daryl Hall

© Universal Music-Careers
o/b/o E.G. Music Ltd. and BMG Platinum Songs
o/b/o Hot Cha Music Co.
Crybaby Roger Powell, Todd Rundgren, Kasim Sulton, and John Wilcox

© Wc Music Corp. and Warner-Tamerlane Pub Corp
Breaking the Law Glenn Tipton, Rob Halford and Kenneth Downing

© EMI Music Publishing Limited and Round Hill Songs II
I Can See For Miles Pete Townshend

© Essex Music Inc.
Mammon Todd Rundgren

© Universal - Polygram Inter o/b/o Humanoid Music