phoo four

in order of realization

pointless industrial prog ambient punk chaos

48k ∙ 320kbps bitrate

to be listened to in a dark room with closed eyes and with good headphones

  scintilla 04-01  
  embryonated 04-02  
  catharsis 04-03  
guitar: buck rasmussen anamnesis 04-04  
  hypnagogia 04-05  
  machination 04-06  
guitar: buck rasmussen stupefaction 04-07  
guitar: buck rasmussen peculation 04-08  
guitar: buck rasmussen labyrinthine 04-09  
guitar: buck rasmussen emanation 04-10  
guitar: buck rasmussen parasomnia 04-11  
  syntholepsy 04-12  
  triacoustication 04-13  
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kelly franklin craven


peculation, emanation, and parasomnia
kelly franklin craven and buck rasmussen

© 2023

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